agent / SCOM

The health service has removed some items from the send queue for management group “X” since it exceeded the maximum allowed size of 15 megabytes

If a server monitors many objects/services/applications/instances it will generate more data than expected (i.e. some print servers, DB servers, etc.). Normally the queue for a SCOM Agent is set to 15 megabytes (15360 KB), but if we increase the queue size it will be able to send all its data (The maximum queue size is 256 megabytes (262144)).

1. Set the maximum queue size to 75 megabytes (76800 KB) by updating the value of this key: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\HealthService\Parameters\Management Groups\\MaximumQueueSizeKb
2. Restart the agent (healthservice)

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